Ahmed is a talented professional who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. He collaborated with the Electronic Press Kit team for Netflix's "Paranormal" (2020), demonstrating his exceptional editor and line producer skills. Additionally, Ahmed showcased his passion for storytelling by successfully producing and directing his debut short film, "Just One Kiss" (2021). His dedication to honing his craft is evident through his Bachelor of Arts degree from the 6th of October University. With extensive experience as a line producer and photographer on various projects, Ahmed continues to impress and inspire in his role as a multifaceted producer.
He has a diverse background in visual media, including experience as a commercial photographer and videographer for a prominent furniture company (Art House Furniture). Prior to that, He had the opportunity to showcase his skills as a videographer and video editor for the military. Furthermore, He has been actively involved as a cameraman in the dynamic world of film production. This multifaceted journey has allowed him to develop a wide range of expertise in capturing and presenting captivating visuals across different industries.

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